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Truss Gantry Crane

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Truss Gantry Crane / Gantry Crane / Truss Crane

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • small windward area
  • light weight
  • good lifting performance
  • convenient and safe operation
  • patent-electric anti-sway

Product Details

Truss Gantry Crane(Lattice girder gantry crane) is designed and fabricated in accordance with China national standard JB / T5663-2008. The lifting mechanism can be CD1, MD1 wire rope electric hoists and trolley. The cantilever parts can be made according to the factory operating space.


The Truss Gantry Crane has latticed girder (beam) with a small windward area, light weight, good lifting performance, etc. This lattice gantry crane is a good choice used in outdoor freight yard, terminals, road construction, warehouse and other material handling sites.


There are 2 kinds of crane traveling: separated drive and drive brake. This crane can be controlled on ground and operating cab. The operating cab can be open or closed type, which can be installed on the left side or right side and there are 3 ways to enter the cab (side, end face and top) to meet the needs of users in different circumstances.


Truss Gantry Crane is composed of latticed double girders, seamless steel pipe legs, long traveling, vice legs, walking guardrail, operating cab, lifting trolley, ladder, balance beam,  main beam seat, hook, rail clip device. 

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