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Engineering Gantry Crane

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Engineering Gantry Crane / Engineering Crane / Gantry Crane

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Reasonable structure and favorable performance.
  • Smooth starting and stopping.
  • Safe and reliable traveling, long life.
  • Low noise, commodious cabin with good view.
  • Easy installation and convenient maintenance.

Product Details

Engineering Gantry crane is a special gantry crane which is developed on the basis of general gantry crane according to the operating requirements and working conditions of underground construction.


The engineering gantry crane consists of crab, gantry, trolley, traveling mechanism, hydraulic turnover mechanism, cab and electric equipment.


On the crab is furnished a hydraulic turnover mechanism, which is composed of a hydraulic work station and a slag-turning hook.


At the middle of the carrier-beam is a hook, which is used to lift common articles.


The trolley traveling mechanism is 4-wheel drive in 8 wheels. The motor fixed on the trolley drives wheels by vertical speed reducer. A windproof rail clamp is equipped. It is detached from the rail when the crane is in normal operation, and when the crane stops working, the operator will put down the clamp to catch the rail so as to avoid the crane sliding.


The earth dumping direction depends on the construction site.


1. Reasonable structure and favorable performance.

2. Smooth starting and stopping.

3. Safe and reliable traveling, long life.

4. Low noise, commodious cabin with good view.

5. Easy installation and convenient maintenance.

6. Excellent exchangeability for parts and components.

7. Crane drive: IP54 or IP44, level F insulation.


Safety system

1. Weight overload protection device.  

2. Top quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer.

3. Crane travelling limit switch.

4. Voltage lower protection function.

5. Emergency stop system.

6. Current overload protection system and so on!


Quality promise

1.All products have production permit or recognition permission; no fake or renovated products;

2.Quality of all products reach class A or distinguished class;

3.Main data of the products satisfy related codes;

4.Strictly follow technological requirements in manufacturing;

5.Strictly test products with standard testing devices to prevent unqualified products from leaving the plant;

6.Set up complete files to keep order contract, manufacturing record, test record, material receiving certificate and factory-leaving record;

7.All products to be delivered are no-damage in appearance and painting and are supplied with mating parts to satisfy clients.


After-sales service promise

1.Quality problems of products sold by our company will be solved as per the “three guarantees” system of our company by the “three guarantees” service team;

2.Related personnel will be sent to the site immediately after receiving quality complaints (by call, letter or oral notice) from clients;

3.Personnel involved in after-sales service shall be serious and considerate in handling the problem to make clients care-free;

4.In addition to solve quality problems, personnel involved in after-sales service shall train clients, answer their technical inquiries and related questions free of charge;

5.Related cost for products with quality problem will be shouldered by our company. Our company charges for quality problems caused by clients (or problems after the warranty term), but the charge will not be higher than the expense (or cost);


Processing technology of major parts of cranes

1.Main beam will have shotblast derusting and painted with zinc rich epoxy primer;

2.Main beam is cut by plasma numerical control cutting machine;

3.The butt weld of tension flange shall undergo ultrasonic or x-ray flaw detection as specified.


Weihua crane has all kind of industrial gantry crane; they are mainly divided into 2 kinds for single girder gantry crane and double girder gantry crane, All the gantry crane designs are designed according to gantry crane standard. Gantry crane has many gantry crane components include Gantry crane hoist, Gantry crane trolley, Gantry crane brake, gantry crane hooks, Gantry crane pendent, Gantry crane controls, gantry crane wheels Gantry crane rails, gantry crane rail stops and so on


Wihua crane can supply turnkey project including gantry crane installation, gantry crane commissioning gantry crane operator training and so on. Weihua crane can special design the gantry crane drawing according to the gantry crane dimensions according to the customer’s requirement.


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