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Tutorial: Five Cranes Parameters to Know before Buying a Crane

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Cranes are used several of industries, such as workshop, steel factory, quarry, yard, etc. Here I am writing a tutorial for all buyers. All buyer should know these before selecting overhead cranes.

In order to supply the suitable overhead crane, each buyer should understand these technical parameters as follows: crane lifting capacity, crane lifting height, work duty, span, and control model.


1. Crane lifting capacity means the crane lifting weight. You would understand the desired weight before you buy. Usually, you can easily find the light weight on our overhead crane page. Also, you may contact our support for help if you cannot make sure.

2. Crane lifting height refers to how much height can the crane lift. You must understand that the difference among crane clearance, height of lift or hook height and hoist lift, and don't be confused by a vendor quote regarding the term “Lift”. Take a single girder overhead crane for example.

3. Span. Span means the crossing length between of two end beams. You make it clear so that you can make sure if this is suitable for your workshop, especially bridge crane.


4. Control model. Usually, there are three ways to control crane: pendent control, remote control    and cabin control. Most cranes support all three ways.

5. Work duty. According to the load-up condition and usage class, work duty can be classified from A1 to A8.


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